Limited Edition Beauty Bags

So excited to finally share Allyssa Helm Beauty & Co. limited edition Beauty Bags are now available !!

They come in 4 gorgeous colours of sparkle and pearl fabric handmade in Ontario.

They make a great gift for the holidays, for a bride or your bridesmaids or even yourself. How can you resist how pretty they are ! The price is $45.99 and you can get yours by emailing

Thank you for the support 💓

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Hair & Makeup Lesson Gift Certificates

Have you started your Christmas shopping ?

This year is all about supporting local businesses and getting gifts that are meaningful and educational.

With that being said, we are now offering gift certificates for hair and/ or makeup lessons. We are offering two different options. Virtual and in person (when restrictions are lifted).

Special holiday pricing is listed below:

Hair and makeup virtual lessons (2hrs) $180

Hair and makeup in person lessons

(2 hrs) $220

Hair or makeup virtual lessons

(1 hr) $100

Hair or makeup in person lessons

(1 hr) $140

Email to purchase yours today!

Happy shopping !

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‘Face-Off Friday’- Skincare Edition

‘Face-Off Friday’ is something that I have been doing for a few weeks now and loving it. It all started one day during quarantine where I needed to play with makeup and do something different. Somewhere I could chat with other industry professionals to share tips and tricks with our instagram following all while feeling inspired myself.

This ended up turning into a fun once a week instagram live show that I have brought on not only industry makeup & hair members but also other influential people who have been able to share some insight and knowledge to those following along.  AKA my mom, however there is more to come!

This week I am recapping my fav skincare products as goes the saying “Beautiful Makeup Starts With Beautiful Skin”.

Off the bat I am not going to lie, skincare can be overwhelming. How do you know what products are good for you? What can you use on breakouts ? What about problems with sensitivity? Dryness ? Oiliness ? Dark circles? Signed of aging ? And let’s not mention…there are a million products by a million companies. But let me tell you, the magic really happens when you find that perfect concoction that is personalized just for you. 

This week I brought on a dear friend and fellow makeup artist Presley Foskett to run through her skincare regimen as she is truly so knowledgeable on her skincare products and lets face it- I just love chatting with her! Just listening to some of the ways she explains products and techniques makes me want to go out and purchase these products ASAP! 

So in the magical world of skincare, let’s get started on some of my favs…

SPF: This is my ride or die, Number 1, tried tested and true. This spf is fantastic. It is UV protection 5o. Yes,50! And it is so silky smooth. No heavy residue just smooth soft sun protection bliss. Putting makeup on top of SPF can sometimes feel very heavy, greasy and honestly can make makeup separate however not with this product. You will never have to second guess using SPF again !

Masks: Whether it’s a sheet mask or a glowing exfoliating mask, Radford Studios is where I always turn to. The glow mask exfoliates dead skin and impurities to give you that extra glow from within while the 24 karat gold sheet mask gives you all the hydration your heart desires and more. Talk about a glow up!

Oil Cleanser: Oil on oil? I know it sounds like a weird concept but give it a chance. This oil cleanser breaks down makeup like a dream. Best part – it leaves your skin feeling hydrated and extra clean. 

Eye Cream: This banana coloured tinted eye cream immediately eliminates any blue and purple tones under the eye to give a brighter effect. It helps reduce fine lines, puffiness, and dark circles. This means less concealer! However, if you do put on concealer do not fret- it will melt right into the skin on top of this product and look super natural!

Night Mask: This sleeping night mask is gently yet super hydrating. For someone who has a naturally oily complexion this gives the right balance of moisture without over killing the unwanted glow. With its gel base it will give you the look of refreshed, bright and radiant skin.

Lip Mask: Ok, this is one product I can not live without! Move over Blistex, this product is moisturizing and smells unreal. With vitamin C and antioxidants, this lip treatment will lock in moisture for a longer supple looking lip. A little goes a long way so the jar really lasts a long time. Who doesn’t like that!? 

Toner: This rose toner is not only beautiful as it has actual real rose petals in it but it also feels extremely luxurious when you use it. It softens and balances the skin while leaving it feeling hydrated and fresh. An added bonus- it has hyaluronic acid so it works like a dream with minimizing the look of your pores.

Exfoliating Serum: This products is meant to be used about 2 x a week to resurface your skin texture to create as the name gives it away a.. “glow”. It tingles so you know it’s working with a gentle flower acid blend! It hydrates and plumps the skin while helping with the appearance of pores, fine lines and wrinkles. What does this product not do is the question!

Moisturizer: This cream is a gel based formula so it is not too heavy however it does the job of hydrating without the shine. It is a clean product using lots of greens such as kale, spinach and green tea so it nourishes your skin while rejuvenating it all at the same time. And wait a minute- its vegan!

Essential Oil Spray: This is just an extra bonus to feel uplifted and at peace after your skincare regime. This product can be added to your daily self care to make you feel a little more glamorous!

For more information and to watch the video from this week, tune into our instagram IGTV and watch live every Friday at 1pm! To find these products for purchase go to ( or online) Sephora, Radford Studio or Saje.


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5 Beauty Tips for Brides…Wedluxe Feature!

Congratulations to all of you who are planning your special day. At Allyssa Helm Beauty & Co. we love all things bridal and love working with our brides to create a unique and meaningful look. Here’s some helpful tips we would like to share to help our brides with all things beauty. 

1. Do your research on your beauty team. 
Your beauty team plays such a big part in your wedding morning. Taking the time to ask the team you are considering questions and to create a relationship with them will ensure you feel comfortable with the artists who will be there on your wedding day. By doing this you will be able to work together to create your desired look to make you feel like your very best self. Finding a team that is versatile in creating a variety of looks ensures you can opt for any look – from natural beauty to gorgeous glam! Find a team who can do it all to ensure that not only yourself but your bridal party will feel amazing on your wedding day. 
2. Do a trial
Taking the time to do a trial will give you the time to find that look that is just for you! You will be able to experiment and get to know your artist while having fun with different looks. 
3. Leave a little extra time 
We work with each of our brides to help create a glam schedule for the wedding morning. By leaving a little extra time at the end you will not feel rushed, you can perfect your hair and makeup look as well as spend a few extra minutes having fun with your bridal party. 
4. Consider false lashes / airbrush/ hair extensions 
We always recommend adding these services in order to really elevate your look. Adding these services will stand out in photos and take your look to the next level. Keep in mind that there are ways to make these options look natural or super glam and everything in between. Chat with your artist to find the best fit for you 
5. Consider a touchup service
Let’s face it, your wedding day is going to fly by and you will not want to think about touching yourself up! We are here to ensure your look is perfect from morning to night and can give you the opportunity to switch up your look for the party. 

For more tips and tricks from Allyssa Helm Beauty & Co. visit us on Instagram or Don’t forget to tune in every Friday to our instragam live “Face-Off Friday”.

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Embrace Your Inner Bronzed Goddess…

So it seems that our days of basking in the sun and patio chats with friends are officially over. And while I still hold out hope to be able to sit outside and read (and catch a little summer tan) when I have the chance – today it seems unlikely. So I’ve put together my top 3 favourite bronzers!

If you’re anything like me, sensitive skin, fair, and easily burnt then you know investing in a great bronzer is necessary. If this isn’t your skin type but you love a good bronze – then you’ll want to continue as these bronzers are great for any skin tone! So here goes my recommendations for that bronzed JLo look!

1. Marc Jacobs- O!Mega Bronzer Coconut Perfect Tan Bronzer

First of all I love the size of the pan. It’s large and easy to use. The smell is also a plus – little bit of coconut to remind us of summer. I find this bronzer blends really nicely into the skin and blends well with the other products I use. I love the tones and stay (very far) away from any orange hues. These tones give off a slight pink and I’ve never noticed any orange tone. I typically use a large angled brush to lightly cover around my face and contor building the colour as I go. Go light and build!

1. Chanel- Soleil Tan De CHANEL cream bronzer

This is my go- to bronzer if I want a heavier glow. I’ve used this as a body contour for photos as well as it can be quite heavy. It’s dense and smells floral which i like. To apply, I use a large round brush and the product applies like silk. Again, it’s always a good idea to start light and build. I find that it’s best to use small amounts of this product at a time to avoid over bronzing. This product is long lasting and it’s one that I’ll be keeping around for myself and my kit!

1. YSL- Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones

I’ve used this product for awhile now and really like it. It’s light and very soft. If you only like matte bronzers this one isn’t for you. It has the slightest shimmer which I find really pretty and complimentary to a highlight. This product of more of an every day type bronzer and creates a soft simple glow.

As much as I love the summer and am always slightly bummed when it ends, nights like tonight remind me how great it is when seasons change. Making a tea and cozying up in my favourite fluffy blanket while the wind echos outside.

Thanks for reading beauties



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