Embrace Your Inner Bronzed Goddess…

So it seems that our days of basking in the sun and patio chats with friends are officially over. And while I still hold out hope to be able to sit outside and read (and catch a little summer tan) when I have the chance – today it seems unlikely. So I’ve put together my top 3 favourite bronzers!

If you’re anything like me, sensitive skin, fair, and easily burnt then you know investing in a great bronzer is necessary. If this isn’t your skin type but you love a good bronze – then you’ll want to continue as these bronzers are great for any skin tone! So here goes my recommendations for that bronzed JLo look!

1. Marc Jacobs- O!Mega Bronzer Coconut Perfect Tan Bronzer

First of all I love the size of the pan. It’s large and easy to use. The smell is also a plus – little bit of coconut to remind us of summer. I find this bronzer blends really nicely into the skin and blends well with the other products I use. I love the tones and stay (very far) away from any orange hues. These tones give off a slight pink and I’ve never noticed any orange tone. I typically use a large angled brush to lightly cover around my face and contor building the colour as I go. Go light and build!

1. Chanel- Soleil Tan De CHANEL cream bronzer

This is my go- to bronzer if I want a heavier glow. I’ve used this as a body contour for photos as well as it can be quite heavy. It’s dense and smells floral which i like. To apply, I use a large round brush and the product applies like silk. Again, it’s always a good idea to start light and build. I find that it’s best to use small amounts of this product at a time to avoid over bronzing. This product is long lasting and it’s one that I’ll be keeping around for myself and my kit!

1. YSL- Les Sahariennes Bronzing Stones

I’ve used this product for awhile now and really like it. It’s light and very soft. If you only like matte bronzers this one isn’t for you. It has the slightest shimmer which I find really pretty and complimentary to a highlight. This product of more of an every day type bronzer and creates a soft simple glow.

As much as I love the summer and am always slightly bummed when it ends, nights like tonight remind me how great it is when seasons change. Making a tea and cozying up in my favourite fluffy blanket while the wind echos outside.

Thanks for reading beauties



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